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John G. Richardson, England, writes:

On his page at Becks-Steampage Peter promotes steam model engineering, as well as displaying superb models which he has built.There are few ready machined kits for steam models available commercially and most models are scratch built from castings and metal section in small home workshops.


The fascination of steam power prompts a desire to emulate the skilled engineers of the past such as Stephenson and his contemporaries who themselves used small models to test and develop their ideas before building the full size locomotives.

Much of model steam engineering had its roots in England and thus many drawings and materials for the hobby are available from that country.


For example: drawings, materials and castings are available for the William Allchin LTD. Steam Traction Engine of 1922, an enchanting subject illustrated in detail in Peter's pages. Whilst this and similar projects may take some years to build, the finished models are objects of pride for the constructor whether run as working miniature or displayed as exhibition pieces.


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