The original engine with the serial number 3251 was built by the 

company William Allchin Ltd. in Northampton and was presented at the 

Royal exhibition in Chester in 1925. Due to this show the model gained its name 

" Royal Chester ".


Cylinder with valve chest cover 

and safety valve

It was W.J.Hughes who drew the plans for the model, 

in the end of the 40s, according to the original machine 

of which he took all accessible measures in a 

laborious effort.

In 1957 plans of the construction of a model engine were 

published in a series of articles in the publication 


Due to this very detailed information the Allchin 

has been built as a model in larger numbers in England.

Those who have access to the necessary technical 

equipment might be seduced by W.J.Hughes' book  

'Building the Allchin' and those who persevere the up to four 

years long construction process will be rewarded by 

a wonderful model.


Measurement of the Model:


25 in


16 in


12 in





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